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Are you experiencing serious water damage in your home or office and don’t know how to deal with it? Water damage can be an overwhelming problem to have, and that’s why Water Removal Services is here to help. We work with all insurance companies, and we can be at your property within an hour of your call to help you start the process of restoring your home.

Some of the East Islip water removal services that we offer include:

  • Water Restoration & Remediation
  • Water Removal & Extraction
  • Flooded Basements & Flood Repair
  • Sewage Removal Service
  • Mold Removal & Remediation
  • Emergency Water Cleanup & Flood Repair
  • Water Leak Cleanup & Wet Carpet Drying
  • Dehumidification (Including Complete Structural Drying)
  • Broken Pipes, Toilet Overflow & Washing Machine Overflow

Some Important Things to Know About Water Damage:

It is not necessary for you to deal with your insurance company alone. Water Removal Services will help you through the process and do our best to make your experience as easy as possible while you recover from water damage.

It is essential that you act quickly. If you have a flooded basement or any kind of water damage, this can quickly become more complicated when the moisture (mold can start to grow in 48-72 hours) starts to wreak havoc on your property. This will only result in more time and money needed to repair your property.

You don’t have to use the water restoration service that your insurance company recommends. In fact, sometimes it may make more sense to use a different company. You have the freedom to use which ever service you’d like.

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We help our customers quickly and effectively, and we work hard to make the process of water removal and water restoration and easy as possible for you. Our team of water damage experts will arrive at your location within one hour of your call to our office. We respond quickly because we know how much worse water damage can become as time passes.

Call: (631) 615-7779 | Email: info@WaterRestorationServicePros.com

We also offer the following services in East Islip NY:

Water Damage Repair East Islip NY, Water Restoration East Islip NY, Mold Removal East Islip NY, Water Removal East Islip NY, Flooded Basement Repair East Islip NY, Mold Remediation East Islip NY, Flood Damage Repair East Islip NY, Storm Damage Repair East Islip NY

In Addition to East Islip NY, We Also Offer Our Services to the Surrounding Areas Including All of Nassau & Suffolk County.

There are some instances where Water Removal Services cannot get to our customers property within one hour of your phone call to our office. This may be due to traffic, communication problems, road conditions, etc. Whenever this happens, our staff will always keep you updated on our status and when we will be arriving at your location. We will also make you aware if we will be outsourcing your job to one of our trusted partner companies, which we sometimes do.

Don’t waste any more time. Call us today and get the process of water restoration started so that you can reclaim your property from water damage. Call our office and speak to an expert to explore your options.